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Atrium Carcari * Souyuan (cd 2008)

SouyuanCMI labeled this release as “dark ambient”, but Atrium Carcari is pushing the boundaries of that genre in that case. There are ambient parts, but Atrium Carcari has added ‘uncommon sounds’, rhythms and samples that makes this release sound different from your usual dark ambient release. In fact, this release is so ‘strange’ for a dark ambient release, that I do not even yet know if I really like it or not. It is refreshing for sure and it is always good when something new happens.
Links: Atrium Carcari, Cold Meat Industry

1 thought on “Atrium Carcari * Souyuan (cd 2008)”

  1. As with all his releases, they grow on you. They are layered with complexity and yes AC is always different than other dark ambient acts.

    Give it a few more listens πŸ™‚

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