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Kristus Kut * I (cdr 2008 bone structure)

I thought that I already had something of this Dutch project somewhere, but maybe not. The label describes this release as “dark industrial soundscapes”, but description is way off in my opinion. KK makes strange industrial noise music. Sometimes it is a bit technoish, sometimes a bit punky, sometimes more digicore, but always industrial noise. There are ‘vocals’ which gives this release something extra, especially because the ‘lyrics’ are in Dutch. KK uses a bit too many high frequencies for my poor ears. KK has a sound that I have not heard so far. Unfortunately KK not only seems to have the need to shock musically, but also thematically. I don’t like the projects name or several of the titles of releases and tracks. Not that I get shocked or something, but I don’t see the use of naming a project “Christus cunt”, or a release “offering whore”. Anyway, the lyrics on this album seem to have been taken from the Bible or so and the weird extreme kind of industrial music is at times very good, so I guess I have to forgive the young man (?) for the rest.
Links: Kristus Kut, Bone Structure

1 thought on “Kristus Kut * I (cdr 2008 bone structure)”

  1. thank you for this review. i think it is an honest review. these were the first things i recorded under the name KRISTUS KUT and yes i was very influenced by being antibible-isch and creating a dark voodoo atmosphere.. this is slowy replaced by a more ritual approach. indeed there were very much high frequences.. on the later releases they are put down to a minimum. i had to learn how to use the effects. the projects name was not made to shock. i just liked the sound. the most lovely thing you wrote was me being a young man. thank you again. hope you will review more releases of KK.


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