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Clophill * Salve Vio (demo 2000)

This is the first demo to be reviewed in these pages. For some reason I don’t run into many demos in the gothic scene. “Salve Vio” isn’t the first demo of the Belgian Clophill, but the first one I have.
The tape starts with some dark industrial with ritual and triballic influences and this sounds pretty nice. After a while it’s time for a more tranquil track, which is a lot less interesting. After some more more or less atmospheric tunes, we go to face B. More atmospheric music here and again not really good. Fortunately, somewhere halfway face B, the tunes darken again and we can listen to some descent ritualistic industrial.
The cover is simple and doesn’t look too good. The tape should best be played without dolby noise-repression, otherwise the sound is too flat.
All in all actually just a mediocre demo with some good moments.

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