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Smell The Stench

On the Tesco mailinglist I saw a release by a project called “Die Rote Form” or DRF. Looking around on the internet to see if I could listen to some of their music, I ran into their website on which was also a free release. That release was released by a label called “Smell The Stench”. This label looks like a metal label, but it has a lot of “Harsh Noise / Dark Ambient / Experimental / Trash Noise / Industrial / Soundscapes / Black Metal / Real Noise-core / Power Electronics / Drone”. Moreover, this label has about 370 free downloadable releases! I got a few of those (unfortunately their server is not very fast), so here are my findings:

1. Dreka Dreka Dreka – “Nercoleptic”
Apparently this is a Dutch project and their style is described as “noise/shitnoise”. Well, it isn’t a that hard kind of noise and it’s not too good either;

2. |n|!|g|h| – “Onward To Har Medigo”
An American project, again noise, nothing too special.

3. Norss – “Ongerief Fase II”
Again Dutch, this time with the promising description “dark drone ambient noise”. However this is already better to listen to than the previous two, this album is not a masterpiece.

4. Die Rote Form – “Phallus”
Inspite of the German bandname, an American project. DRF has a varried style, going from ambient to ambient noise, industrial to harscher kinds of electronics. DRF is the better of the four that I tried. Some tracks are pretty good, others are not, but overall this isn’t all that bad.

The free releases have all kinds of interesting descriptions. A lot seems to be extreme noise terror (not my kind of thing), but there is also dark ambient, drone, ambient noise, etc. so perhaps I’m going to get a couple more of those stinking releases to see if there is stuff that I like better. Should you hadn’t heard of STS and you like the more extreme side of electronic music, perhaps you want to visit

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