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Chaostar * s/t (cd 2001 holy records)

Septic Flesh is an experimental deathmetal band that has been releasing cds on the French Holy Records for years. I never liked their metal much, but every cd (that I know) also has a few brilliant avantgardistic opera tracks that vaguely remind of Devil Doll. When I read that Chaostar was a Septic Flesh opera side project, I was quite excited, because I hoped for a whole cd with the Septic Flesh-like opera songs for a long time.
Chaostar does not fully live up to my expectations. The approach here is not as avantgardistic as on the Septic Flesh cds, but more ‘really’ classical. The music reminds quite a bit of modern horror film soundtracks and however it is very experimental, it is not in a style that could be expected.
Still it all sounds pretty good. There are both female and male choirs and solo voices, beautiful orchestrations and modern sounding classical music, but also ‘dark voices’ and distorted vocals, electronic and even some metallish influences and some more gothic sounds.
The cd comes in an extremely luxery digipack on a label that may be a metallabel, but that was never afraid of experimental and neo-classical music (remember Elend?). It seems that Holy is distributed by Edel / Sony music nowadays, so I asume that you will be able to find this cd in your local recordstore as well.

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