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Chaos/Order * Order/Chaos (cd 2000 karnak)

No, this is not a compilation cd, but not really a ‘self titled’ cd either. Since the second word is upside down, the title may as well be Chaos/Order, it only depends on how you have the box in your hands.
The distro from which I got this title said that it is: “a mix between industrial, techno and noise”, but this really gives a wrong idea of the cd. It actually is a techno cd, but very strange and indeed with some industrial influences. Mostly -though- it presents a strange mix between several kinds of techno. The music is very chaotic, strange and nothing like I had ever heard before. Not just techno, that’s for sure! And sometimes it is quite irritating, at other times really great and on several occasions, this weird Italian act had some great ideas. I can recommand this disc to anyone who isn’t afraid of some experimental techno.
Karnak seems to be a subdivision of Radio Luxor by the way.

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