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Der Blutharsch / Sottafasciasemplice * WKN31 (7″ 2008 wkn)

The last three or four Der Blutharsch albums all were the last. Yet again there is a new 7″ and a new cd has again been announced (“Everything Is Alright!” rare tracks and remixes). The 7″ is as expensive as a cd and has two (military) poprock songs. The Der Blutharsch track is the better, Sottofasciasemplice use Italian lyrics.
Links: Der Blutharsch, Sottofasciasemplice, WKN.

1 thought on “Der Blutharsch / Sottafasciasemplice * WKN31 (7″ 2008 wkn)”

  1. You kiddin’? The S.F.S. track OWNS,one of their most memorable tunes to date,which is really saying a lot given their 13 year history of excellent Mediterranean tech-noise.Der Blutharsch’s track is okay,but definitely a DISTANT second.


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