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Vestigial * Translucent Communion (cd 2008 cmi)

Translucent CommunionAbout a year and a half ago I got the debut mcd of this Italian project. Impressive and very dark ambient. Later I got two compilations featuring this project (Incendium II and The Old Europa Café box) with also very interesting tracks. Apparently I missed a 12″ on Power and Steel. It is not surprising that CMI picked up this project, even though (like I wrote in my previous review), Vestigial is darker than most of the CMI dark ambient projects. Vestigial is heavier, more industrial and has a nice noisy touch here and there; heavier with many very low frequencies, the way I like it! The music is quite ‘soundscapish’, but nowhere too monotous. Actually, this is a dark ambient album the way dark ambient should sound. The package is also very well done. A highly recommended album!
Links: Vestigial, Cold Meat Industry

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