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Chamber (l’orchestre de chambre noir) * Ghost Stories And Fairy Tales (cd 2003 trisol)

It was a long wait between the cdemo “Pleasure And Pain” (2000) and the first cd “l’Orchestre De Chambre Noir” (the band actually has a double name). The second cd came surprisingly fast. This time Chamber is two men and five females with stringed instruments (violin, cello, contrabass). The music is a mix between chamber music, folky music, gothic and medievalish sounds and around the end of the cd even country and rock’n’roll. Something else than all the neofolk things and also different from neoclassical projects, a real band, real music and a unique sound. The first songs are modest songs, at the end come some more happy-sounding songs. From wonderfull classical music to dramatic gothic songs and crazy ‘fairy whores’. Highly recommanded.

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