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JW Roy * s/t (cd 2008 monkeyman)

JW RoyDon’t worry! I am not planning on changing the focus of this music reviews section, but I do think that any style of music can be featured here if it is worth mentioning.
JW Roy comes from the same village as myself, so of course I have been aware of his musical career for many years, not in the least place because my father is a big admirer. Starting in a few bands, JW Roy developed himself as a “singer/ songwriter” with a mixed “Americana” style. Slowly but surely the recognition grew and he got to tour the Netherlands and abroad. About two years ago he was played on the radio and then things speeded up. The previous album was recorded in Eindhoven (Roy has lived in Amsterdam for many years) and sung in a ‘light’ version of the dialect of his birth. Instead of losing following because he changed from an American to a local approach, his fame only seemed to rise and for the new album he even managed to work with great names from Dutch popmusic and the style became more poppy as well. However the main focus still lays on melancholic (too melancholic sometimes) “singer/songwriter” music, this untitled album also contains some poppy (too poppy sometimes) songs, but also there are more jazzy influences, poprock here and there and many other styles making this a varried album and enjoyable enough even for someone who usually doesn’t listen much to popmusic.
Links: JW Roy, Moneyman

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