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Shadowseeds * Der Mitternacht Löwe (cdr 2004)

However the demo is rather old and almost sold out, recordings of a full-length with the same theme are in the make, so you may regard this review as a teaser for an upcoming album. That theme is Johannes Bureus about whom I wrote a few articles. When playing the 4 track demo, I noticed that I have the second track somewhere, or at least, I already knew it somehow. It is also the better track, a bit of a martial/bombastic industrial track with spoken lyrics. Other tracks are a bit softer. In total the sound reminds me a bit of the old black metal electronic sideprojects of about 10 years ago and however Shadowseeds is not really boring, but music is not too great, save for the nice track that I already knew. But since quite a few years have passed, who knows how the sound developed, so I am curious about the upcoming cd. This demo is still available, but since the band’s website ( is down, just use the comments option if you are interested in obtaining it and I will transfer the message.

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