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Cold Fusion * Simmetria (cd 2007 war office propaganda)

I can’t help thinking of a young and new band when hearing the name Cold Fusion, but they have actually quite a few releases out. “Simmetria” is the band’s latest release (but already followed by a reissue and a side-project) and seems to be regardless of what is hip and new. A couple of years ago there was a flood of orchestral and bombastic (martial) industrial, but nowadays the poppy sound seems to be more popular. Cold Fusion just releases an album with a sound between Sophia, the older material of HERR and Thorn/Agram. Not too original indeed, not sounding brilliant, but not boring either. “Simmetria” became just another nice, bombastic industrial release and what I heard from the Across The Rubicon (the side-project) Myspace site, the same goes for this project.
Cold Fusion, Waroffice Propaganda (nowadays called Rage In Eden).

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