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Industrial Culture 7, 8, 9 Praew Jik, The Sleep Sessions, No John (3″ cds 2007 industrial culture)

A while ago I received an email of Industrial Culture from the UK if I was interested in reviewing some of their material. Last week three 3″ cds fell into my mailbox. I think Artur of Industrial Culture has read my noise reviews and decided to send me three of Industrial Culture’s noise releases (they also have “drone”, “dark ambient”, “ambient/industrial”, etc.) I can be quite short about these three minis of about 15 minutes: they are not my kind of noise. It is all extremely violent, unstructured, high-pitched, earcracking noise. No John from Belgium has a bit more variety and also has some low-frequency, more industrial and more ambient material, the the other two releases only work on my nerves. Perhaps a bad guess of Industrial Culture about my taste or just bad luck, but I must say that the other styles available from their website, the ambient is too monotous for me… I know, I have a difficult taste, sorry!
Link: Industrial Culture, Praew Jik, The Sleep Sessions, No John,

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