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Catharsis & Drape Excrement * Homo Homini Lupus (cd 1999 black plagve)

Here we have two quite known industrial names, but outside the industrial scene they don’t have all that much acknowledgement. So for everyone who doesn’t know them yet, this 76 minute cd is a pretty good introduction. Catharsis makes dark industrial which is alright, but now always fantastic. It is more rhythmical than Drape Excrement. This second act makes extremely dark industrial-ambient which will shake your walls (if you have the right equipment of course). Deep drones, heavy beats and weird samples to frighten your neighbours. The Drape Excrement tracks are the better on this cd, but Catharsis isn’t boring either. All in all this makes a good industrial cd, especially interesting because bands like these have a habit of releasing only vinyl in limited quantities.

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