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Be Not Idle In Preparation Of Thy Doom * Sermons Of The Unwelcome + Saturnine Malediction (cd 2007 desecrative phoneticism)

Yes I know the bandname, albumnames and artwork looks like a metal band and indeed, it is from that very corner. The man behind this project owns the label and has several more projects, either electronic or metal. Some 15 years ago I listened to all those dark “ritual” projects popping up in the black metal scene of that time and it seems that nothing much changed since. BNIIPOTD also is such a dark ambient ritual soundscapes project with the dark sound and the creepy vocals (on the older release). “Sermons…” (2006) is also available from Itunes and “Saturnine…” (2007) has been added to this release for a limited cd version. The sound is rather typical and often too monotous for my liking, but not bad or boring and there are some nice moments. I guess you may want to contact the band if you are interested in projects such as Profane Grace, Darkness Enshroud and the like.
Links: Label/band website and the Myspace.

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