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TenHornedBeast * The Sacred Thruth (cd 2007 cold spring)

For many years, Stephen Pennick and Christopher Walton formed the magnificent dark ambient / ritual project Endvra. I didn’t know that this project was officially dismantled, but Walton seems to think himself “ex-Endvra”. In Endvra, Pennick did the music, Walton ‘the philosophy’. Pennick probably continued under the monicker of his side-project Ontario Blue, which is more atmospheric and melodic and less interesting than Endvra used to be. Walton seems to have been busy under a new name and released two small releases before being picked up by Cold Spring. TenHornedBeast does not sound very interesting to me. The album contains long dark ambient soundscapes, which are sometimes nice (track 2), but sometimes extremely tedious (track 4). Overall the album doesn’t convince me at all. It seems that the line of Endvra is followed by both ex-members. Endvra started brilliantly with Dreams Of Dark Waters and after a few albums the music didn’t get better and the final album is even not that good. The same goes for both projects that came from the split.
Links: TenHornedBeast, Cold Spring

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