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Bisclaveret vs Bruno * Les Mannequins (cd 2007 zoharum)

Bisclaveret from Poland was inspired by the Polish writer and painter Bruno Schulz (1892-1942) to make this 39 minute soundscape. The recordings consists of industrial sounds on the background, drones, stretched up sounds, soft orchestrations and spoken word with texts of course of Schulz. However the title may suggest that this is a split album, this is -of course- not the case. The music sounds nice and however 39 minutes may not be very long for a cd, it is just long enough to prevent the sound from becoming too monotous. Eerie sounds, a dark undertone and strange speaking in Polish, together with simple, but nice artwork of the digipack makes this a nice first (?) release of the Polish distro Zoharum.
links: Bisclaveret Zoharum

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