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Nun Fahr Ich Hin Ins Paradies * Jakob Böhme Requiem (cd 1999)

Here we have a nice piece of music, of course based on the writings and live of Jacob Böhme. It is a piece of contemporary chamber music with soprano and bariton and a small orchestra. The use of drumming makes the sound a bit more modern, but overall this is classical music. I like the cd quite a bit. I have no idea how you should get it though, since I haven’t found it on the internet (besides a mention in a bibliography of Böhme). Maybe “euro digital disc productions gmbh” helps…
The cover depics the latest stone on Böhme’s grave, by the way, placed there by an American Böhme society. Now there are four stones and not even one original (it was destroyed soon after the burial, Böhme was a ‘heretic’ in the eyes of many contemporaries).

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