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Aurora oder Morgenröte im Aufgang hommage à Jacob Böhme (cd 1993)

The oldest is the most experimental and least interesting of the three Böhme cds, but the concept is great. A recording was announced for Berlin, 150 showed up and recited texts of Jacob Böhme. From these recordings Ronald Steckel and Heiko Rüsse made a strange soundscape. Effects on the voices, strange sounds on the background here and there and the result was played in Görlitzsch and is avaible on cd. It is a hand-copied cd with a printed inlay, so it may be even harder to get than the other two cds. The booklet says “copyright 1993/2006 Ronald Steckel”. This may mean that my copy was made in 2006 and the email address may very well be still correct. If you are interested, just give it a try.

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