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Gregorio Bardini * Sentinelle del Mattino (cd 2007 the eastern front)

This album opens with IDM (‘intelligent dance music’) and something that I would call ‘ethno-ambient’, a very interesting start. Ambient music, soundscapes with flutes and German poetry. Halfway the music gets less interesting with instrumental and experimental parts, but not too much of my liking. The last third has even more experimental sounds with an industrial sound that sometimes reminds of Sanctum, sometimes of a band such as Knifeladder; guitar, industrial sounds, screamed vocals and the clear sound of a flute or some other instrument. Towards the end, Bardini goes back to where he started with tranquil soundscapes with a flute. There is some very interesting music on this album, but also some less interesting music. The whole album is highly experimental and progressive which is good; so, if you are into something new, you might want to try “Sentinelle del Mattino”. <5/5/07><3>

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