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Vestigial * Aeon (mcdr 2007 new sun productions)

A while ago I got an email from Italy from this new project. I listened to the Myspace tracks and found them very interesting. The 3″ mcdr is even more interesting! The package is great: photo-like prints on a 3″-cd-size package and a tastefull design. The music is very dark ambient like I haven’t heard it for a while. Sometimes Vestigial reminds me of Megaptera, sometimes more of (other) CMI acts, but Vestigial has a sound of its own, usually darker than most CMI releases, original sounds and structures and a great atmosphere. This mcd was remixed in the Secret Lab, so Vestigial got a deserved flying start with distribution by LOKI and Tesco, a link with Turbund Sturmwerk and Firsst Law. Promising!
27/3/07 -4-


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