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2nd Gen * Flicknives (cd 2003 q,mass)

Over three years after “Irony Is” the (as far as I know) 2nd cd of 2nd gen is released on a label that I didn’t know. Also the cd comes in a nice new kind of cd-box. “Flicknives” is only 44 minutes long and not as hard as the first cd, but still very much 2nd Gen. Our Brit has a unique sound, being somewhere between industrial/noise and techno. The rhythms are more downpaced this time, but the industrial background probably keeps this lovely release away from the normal techno-audience. On the other hand, maybe 2nd Gen is ‘too techno’ for the industrial audience, but if I am right, there is a growing audience for the harder and more experimental kind of techno or industrial. Here we have a cd to show what this could sound like! <6/2/04><4>


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