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Adam Beyer * Protechtion (cd 2000 drumcode)

I read a review of a mix cd by Adam Beyer called “Time Warp 3” which is supposed to contain quite hard techno. Instead of finding that brandnew cd, I found this slightly older cd by Beyer himself and decided to try it. Hm, quite the normal kind of 4/4 techno that is quite popular these days. It sounds nice, but not really special and definately not harder than normal.
For those who don’t really know what I am talking about, this is the kind of techno that they call “techno” which usually/always has the same “four-to-the-flour” rhythm and is therefor perfect for the dancefloors. “Techno” is mostly quite minimalistic and also Beyer’s sound is. It is the trick to avoid starting to sound boring when you have only one rhythm to use, but often this seems no problem, not for Beyer it is anyway. Quite nice -therefor- but nothing special.

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