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Alec Empire * Intelligence And Sacrifice (cd 2002 digital hardcore recordings)

Mr Empire himself is undoubtely the most active man from the German digital hardcore scene. However I think his older work was quite interesting (solo, I hate Atari Teenage Riot), the newer recordings are fairly mediocre and Empire is surpassed left and right in extremity and originality by the new generation of digicore-artists. On this new cd Empire wanted to show that he is still “harder than the rest” (the name of the first DHR compilation). He made some kind of electronic speedmetal with guitars and all and this gave him a place on several metal festivals! Not too interesting though, except a few tracks. The thing I hate most of this cd is that Empire’s distorted voice is in almost every track with his hysterical screaming. I mostly prefer electronic music to be electronic… The second cd contains some modern (read: hip) experimentals in the fields of ambient and intelligent dance music.
Not too brilliant.

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