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Autechre * Untitled (cd 2005 warp records)

When I was looking for a copy of the new Venetian Snares (which I found) my eye fell on a new cd of Autechre. Autechre is one of these “pioneers of weird electronic dance music” like Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. It is always interesting to hear what guys like that came up with, but in particular Autechre has never been my favourite artist and it seems that this new album is even one of the less accessible ones (compared to himself!). There is no structure or melody or whatever in these tracks. This makes the music not suitable to just listen to sitting on a couch, you can’t dance to it, so what then? Well one thing is listening to the electronic skills of the artist is one thing or maybe playing it as background music (however you and/or your guests may get nerves of it). Autechre is sure worth to listen to, but not really music to play. So just get a copy of the cd to find out if things can get more crazy, but maybe even you like this kind of stuff! A small word to those then: this album is rather slowpaced / tranquil with a few faster tracks towards the end.

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