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Bad Company * Inside The Machine (2cd 2000 bcrecordings)

This cd was put into my hands when I was in a techno recordshop last week where I asked for hard drum & bass. I asume -therefor- that this is regarded hard drum & bass in the techno-scene. Overall I don’t really think that this d&b is that hard, but fairly descent and at times pretty dark. As the cd continues things gets better and eventually this cd shows some pretty damn rough and dark d&b which is very enjoyable.
But, for those who are not too familiar with techno music I might have to explain a bit clearer what to expect. Drum & bass is characterized by fast and unregular beats (“breakbeats”). This music used to be called “jungle”. As with many forms of techno the rhythms of most d&b releases are akin and of course danceble in some way. What you will find here is pretty fast beats, here and there a dark drone on the background and some heavy beats in the darker tracks.
The first cd contains seperate tracks, the second has tracks mixed together.
A funny thing of this cd is that the cd-player of your computer already knows the names of the tracks.
The logo seems to have to be pronounced as “Bad Company” by the way.

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