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Bad Company * Digital Nation (cd 2001 bcrecordings)

Almost a year ago I got myself the previous cd of Bad Company, which I play quite regularly still. “Inside The Machine” is mostly characterised by fairly hard and rather dark drum & bass and I was quite excited when I heard about a new cd.
“Digital Nation” was (I believe) originally released as a 5 or 6 pack of vinyls around Christmas 2000. The cover of the cd says: “exclusive )BI3( mix cd featuring new unreleased tracks”, which makes me doubt if these two things are about the same releases.
Anyway, “Digital Moon” starts quite disappointing with fast and busy drum & bass which is hardly comperable to the previous work. It all sounds even quite ‘happy’. As the cd continues the tracks become harder and darker and even some of the most awesome d&b that I have heard comes by. After about 1/3 of the disc, things are becoming interesting. Since it takes 68 minutes overall, it still leaves enough enjoyable music.

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