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Ec8or * The One And Only High And Low (cd 2000 digital hardcore recordings)

However I listen quite a bit to some digital hardcore and other hardcore techno artists once in a while, this is the first review in this vein. This is mostly caused by the fact that I buy older material which I find not really suitable to review. This one is also a bit older, but not too old.
I also have the nameless debut cd of this German electronic punk duo which is from 1995. This cd contains some violent techno and is really enjoyable. “The One And Only…” is the next that I hear from them, so I miss five years of evolution, but this ‘new’ disc is by far not as impressive as the debut. Actually the music became quite tranquil! There are still distorted beats and vocals, but everything became slower, the ‘terror beats’ disappeared and there is more of a punk attitude over the music.
Sadly enough this is not the first time that I had to conclude that digital hardcore of 5, 6 years ago sounded a lot better and more extreme.

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