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Funk D’Void * Dos (cd 2000 soma recordings ltd)

Also in cd-shops where they have this kind of music, Funk D’Void can be found in between Funckarma and Funkstörung, just as here (when I write this at least). However again the word “funk” can be found in the bandname, Funk D’Void has little to do with the other two acts and the reason that they are filed under the same subsubsubsection “techno” is because also “Dos” can’t be easily classified.
“Dos” opens quite ‘shocking’ in my ears. This is more top40-like trance-house than anything at least a little abstract. Complete with easy melodies and rhythms and vocal(sample)s. As the cd continues it gets a little more serious and one or two nice tracks can be heard. For the largest part this cd really stinks in my opinion.

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