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Hyperdriver This Distorted Life cd ???? beergut recordings
Hyperdriver Vomiting Blood cd ???? beergut recordings
Hyperdriver Tech Support cd ???? beergut recordings
Hyperdriver Antichrist Revs cd ???? beergut recordings
Hyperdriver And The Beat Goes No! cd ???? beergut recordings

Hyperdriver is a project from the UK of a guy named Steve who also runs “Beergut Recordings” (does this say something about Steve’s belly?). I think Hyperdriver has been around for a while, because there is a massive amount of releases. Also available is a cd with five albums as mp3s with bonus tracks and that is the cd that I got here. However the cd comes with a nice format to play on the computer, the disc has no info about what label released the cds and what are the years they were first available. Also the webpage doesn’t give that info. The file on the disc has another order of cds than the ‘add’ on the Beergut page, but I will use the cd to shortly review the cds.
“This Distorted Life” is quite primitive and filled with extreme techno experiments. Often very noisy and mostly quite slow. Here and there there is some ‘speedcore’ to be heard and I definately like these ‘straight-forward tracks’ best. There are strange experimental tracks that are sometimes pretty tranquil.
“Antichrist Revs” opens very noisy, continues with a very industrial sound, but towards the end it is more drum’n’bass-like experiments. There are two extremely violent tracks here and a brilliant track called “Testicular Ramblings”.
“And The Beat Goes No!” is by far the least interesting cd. Is shows Hyperdriver’s noise sound, but I don’t like that side much!
“Tech Support” is a total extreme techno cd with speedcore-like tracks that are extremely violent. Brilliant samples add some humour to this cd, wonderfull!
“Vomiting Blood” is also more of a speedcore cd with heavy tracks and funny samples.
Hyperdriver’s sound is not really like that of ‘normal’ speedcore. There is not a fix rhythm or speed and the music is not really danceble. Sometimes the breaks and changes of rhythm or the samples are a bit overdone and overall the sound is somewhat primitive, I think it is made on a computer, which may explain the speed and amount of releases. I do particularly like the last two reviewed cds and it is nice to hear where all this extreme techno comes from.
The Beergut webpage has a lot of Hyperdriver mp3s, but also of other projects, either digital hardcore, noise or dark ambient, so check it out. Hyperdriver mp3s can be found on other pages as well.

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