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Blood Axis * The Gospel Of Inhumanity (cd 1995)

I still remember when this cd was released for the first time. I was still crawling out of the black metal scene, had my share of CMI releases and knew a metalhead that has loved Blood Axis since the demos and who reviewed The Lamb Of Invisible Light compilation on which BA was the first time on cd (1991). I had no idea what that music would sound like but when I got myself a compilation with BA on it (I believe that was Im Blutfeuer). After that this masterpiece was released in an exquisite digipack with some of the best music that I ever heard. It still is one of my all-time favourite cds.
I suppose most of you will know it, but for those who don’t, the music of BA is victorious, dark, orchestral, mysterious, sometimes slightly industrial, sometimes folky and (as far as I know), totally unique. If you don’t have this cd yet, get yourself one of the rereleases! Also again anounced to be rereleases (and remixed) by Tesco. (25/12/00 – chthulhu records / storm records)

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