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Manu Le Malin * Fighting Spirit (2cd 2002 bloc)

Yes it has been a while since I reviewed a tekno cd. I’m afraid that this will be a slow-growing section… I love the music, but it is not the kind that I play very often. Besides, too much tekno is shitty.
So what about this French act? I didn’t know them, but I saw them in a local recordstore. They are compared with DJ Producer (who contributes on one track), which was promising enough to listen to this double cd. The first cd is very technoïsh. Straightforward beats, here and there some ‘cuts-n-clicks’ and around the end some slightly harder material. On to cd two then. This is a total gabber-cd, but with a bit of a twist. Not 100% regular beats, but much more than Hellfish & Producer for example. Not extraordinary extreme though, but also this cd gets harder as it continues. A few very nice tracks, but to buy a 2cd for four tracks? The search continues…

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