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Maxim * Hell’s Kitchen (cd 2000 xl-recordings)

Maxim is best known for being one of the two “MCs” of (the) Prodigy. As Prodigy developped more into a band and the music was no longer solely created by Liam Howlett, Maxim could also contribute to the music of Prodigy. Seemingly he likes creating music enough to record a full-length solo album.
Fortunately and maybe naturally “Maxim” doesn’t sound much like Prodigy. Once in a while you can hear some similarities, but this is mostly because the voice sounds familiar.
Anyway, after an intro and an alright techno track with Maxim’s vocals, it is time for the ‘hit’ that Maxim recorded with Skin of Skunk Anansie, a fairly slow and tranquil song with guitars and Skin’s (destorted) vocals. Overall I think it is fair to say that this cd has a more hiphop, pop, rock approach than Prodigy, but which you can sometimes hear there as well, for example in tracks like “Diesel Power” or “Fuel My Fire” (both from “Music For…”), but here a lot less energetic and with a more hiphop and pop orientation with a lot of raps, (female) vocals and guitars.
I don’t particularly like this cd. Sometimes it sounds quite alright, but in most cases the tracks are too tranquil for my liking and I it is often too poppy.

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