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Mouse On Mars * Idiology (cd 2001 soniq)

I have known about this band for quite a while, but I don’t think that I ever heard their music. I do know that people always had a problem catagorising this band. They have been filed under ‘industrial’ for a while, when there was digital hardcore, MOM suddenly was digital hardcore and now that they have found names for vague techno music, MOM shares shopspace with Autechre, Aphex Twin, Plaid and Funkstörung under “electronica” or “cuts and clicks”.
And indeed, when you listen to “Idiology” this isn’t the strangest idea either. However every cd is said to be different, “Idiology” definately fits between the mentioned names, but actually will still be a ‘strange’ cd. There is odd techno, crazy beats, insane vocals, but also nice orchestrations, real instruments (from piano, to violin and trumpet) making “Idiology” to a cd for lovers only. I don’t think people who like the mentioned names, will automatically like MOM. Weird stuff!

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