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Trepaneringsritualen – The Totality Of Death (2024)

The first time I seriously listened to TxRxP was late 2013 when two cds were released on two different labels, with the same title, but with different material. The title was “The Totality Of Death“. The two cds contained existing material.

TxRxP had used the title before, for a 2011 tape release, but also after, as in 2013 another tape with this title appeared. In 2015 a 3lp release bared the same title and now two cds are made available by Cold Spring. The red cd is the “Alpha” and the green one the “Omega” part of this “Totality Of Death”, so is this really the “totality” this time?

Again the cds contain old material, mostly from compilations. Some tracks had not yet been released before or only in digital form. After two lively tracks follows the dark ambient sound of the project. Towards the end there are again some more industrial sounds.
Also the second cd goes from dark ambient to industrial, but mostly ambient. There is not really the ‘typical’ TxRxP sound it seems. There are earlier versions of a few tracks that later appeared on “Kainskult“.

There are some great tracks on the cds and some of the dark ambient tracks are descent as well.

You can get the cds from Cold Spring and when you are quick, red and green shirts.

Links: Trepaneringsritualen, Cold Spring

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