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N-Vitral * Smocgh (12″ 2003 third movement)

I got this completely black 12″ that is released without cover or anything for my birthday. There is not more information on it than the text “T3rdM-00046” scratched on the extension groove (?). Third Movement is a Dutch techno label that releases serious industrial techno and that is exactly what N-Vitral makes. This is a Dutch artist used to make music on the early “gabber”-compilations “Thunderdome” but now makes more “intelligent dance music”. “Smocgh” sometimes reminds of industrialists such as Ah Cama Sotz, but at other times the sound is much like Hellfish (DJ Producer also has a cd on Third Movement). I suppose you will get the idea: heavy, but danceble industrial techno; and interesting too. This makes me wonder what more is released on progressive techno labels. And more, would fairly similar music be made in two different scenes without these two knowing this from eachother? <8/11/04><4>

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