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v/a – 電​子​暴​力​大​集​会 (2024)

Ozigiri is one of my favourite discoveries of the last years. He makes an extremely fast, violent and energetic electronic form of grindcore. The weird mix of styles goes from beats up to 1000 BPM (let us just call that “splittercore” for convenience sake), faster beats (“extratone” because you no longer hear a beat, but a tone) with screamed vocals and guitar. Much faster than your average grindcore and way more energetic. Brilliantly neckbreaking.

There are more such violent projects coming from Japan, but none as constantly great as Ozigiri. It appears that Ozigiri was picked up by the already established project M1dy and the two indeed cooperate frequently. M1dy finds it funny to mix in children’s voices and happy melodies (making a truly insane version of hardcore techno) which I often find too cheerful. Ozigiri also does that sometimes, like on the mentioned last album. Fortunately not too often and on this compilation, no such thing.

I seems that I missed that the album “Party People Must Die” of last year was the first release on Ozigiri’s own new label わんぱくレコーズ (“Naughty Recordings”). The compilation “Electronic Violence” is the second. He gathered similar projects to create a 12 track, 32 minute digital release. “Electronic Violence” opens with a great Ozigiri track. After an intro, the tempo sets in with Ozigiri’s brutal violence. His buddy M1dy did a wonderful speedcore track. Then follow projects that I did not know (except for RedOgre and Qureless). There is the grindcore type electronic music of RoughSkreamZ, Qureless and Maruosa; the more hardcore techno sound of Coakira and sHimaU; the breakcore of Sabi, 鬼畜生 (“Bastard” is not as energetic as the other tracks) and Haizai Audio and the splittercore of RedOgre.

All in all this turns out to be a very enjoyable compilation. Ozigiri is certainly the best project here (to my ears), but most of the other tracks are great as well. If you are interested in some extremely energetic electronic music, check out this compilation. It is available through Bandcamp.

Link: Bandcamp

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