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Michael Idehall – Dadaist Gospels As Inspired Leaves (2024)

  • ritual

On recent releases Idehall often makes a sound that I find alright, but which is not my favorite of his approaches to music. Besides, there have been times with more releases. Recently there was a ritualistic split with Thoabath on Cloister Recordings, but the last release before that was (I believe) in 2022.

On the “Dadaist Gospels” there are five tracks. First there is the “War Magic” type; somewhat industrial soundscapes with spoken word. These are the most interesting tracks to my ears. The more minimalist, slightly ritualistic tracks interest me less.

But Idehall is still around, which is good. This release is not yet up on Discogs, but is available through Bandcamp.

Link: Michael Idehall

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