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v/a – Kosmoloko 3 (2024)

“Kosmoloko” (2004), the first Galakthorrö compilation, opens with the brutal and brilliant “Hymn To Despair” of Haus Arafna. The somewhat calmer, but magnificent “After All These Years” follows. Then there are two superb tracks of Subliminal, dark, noisy industrial. Only with Karl Runau things become a bit more quiet with his analogue soundscapes. Maska Genetik follows with two brilliant angsty industrial tracks and at the end there are two typical tracks for the later sound of November Növelet.

“Kosmoloko 2” (2012) turned things around. The dark dance sounds of November Növelet open this compilation, but they are immediately followed by two raw tracks of Subliminal. Herz Jühing also contributed two magnificent angsty industrial tracks. The odd Hermann Kopp has two tracks and the second “Kosmoloko” ends with two superb Haus Arafna tracks that I can also describe as angsty industrial.

On “Kosmoloko 3” there is but one track per artist. It opens again with Haus Arafna, but this time their new depressive side; well-crafted, but not the style I prefer. More tear jerkers come from Aska, but their sound is a bit more angstpop. November Növelet also have a fairly melancholic track and a not too strong one. Hermann Kopp follows with a slow and minimalist track. The contribution of Sühne Mensch opens in a promising way with analogue humming working a bit towards a Herz Jühning style. This is the most interesting track so far. Interestingly, after a typical Te/DIS track, Jühning himself follows with a good and raw track reminding of older Haus Arafna material. Back to the more contemporary melancholic pop sound with Mode In Gliani and a relatively uptempo Da-Sein. Karl Runau is still around and he closes “Kosmoloko 3” with an alright melodic soundscape.

I miss the brutality of the Galakthorrö releases of old. Where the first “Kosmoloko” contains only great tracks, the second mostly good tracks, “Kosmoloko 3” has but a few good tracks. The three in line -I suppose- show the development of the label over the years. While my musical preferences grow more extreme over the years, Galakthorrö becomes less and less so. Thanks to Herz Jühning for keeping up the energy a bit.

Link: Galakhorrö

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