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Roni Size Reprazent * In The Møde (cd 2000 murcery records ltd.)

Here we have one of the most groundbreaking acts of the techno scene. For a long time I wondered if this would be drum and bass or more hiphop or triphop. Well, it is both! Extremely fast drum and bass rhythms are often accompanied by an mc. I think the best fitting known description for this music is “jump up drum and bass” that also mostly consists of fast drum and bass and vocals. Still Roni Size and Reprazent present something far more original than the usual “jump up” compilation.
Not all tracks are very fast, some are more ‘hiphopish’ while others are more ‘normal’ drum and bass. Overall the music doesn’t sound very typical at all, while Roni Size and Reprazent sure are two of those who pull the d&b cart. Inspiring, sometimes copied but never equalled than maybe…
Anyway, some tracks are very good, others are not of my liking. I usually don’t like vocals with d&b (or techno in general). Still it is nice to hear what ideas those walking up front have.

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