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Ruffneck * Fear For A Ruff Planet II – The Quest For Justice (2cd 1997 cardiac prod.)

I guess it has been five or six years since the peak of Dutch extreme techno that was called “gabber” (or “gabba” for non-Dutch- speaking). Repetative rhythms, huge parties and a very typical (skinhead like) look of the audience. This cd was made when one of the most popular DJs/produces was under fire by some parts of the scene while it was slowly falling appart. I am not too excited by most gabber, because it is often too happy of sound and too much dancefloor oriented. A very pleasent exception is this Ruffneck cd. Ruffneck managed to make quite typical gabber, but still sounding original and most of all very good, even for the living room. In style varying from ‘rave’ to more drum & bass oriented tracks. Not the happy happy sound but at times even pretty dark. The only cd from the first gabber wave that I actually like.
Nowadays gabber is on it’s return. The audience looks even more like skinheads (this time often wearing symbols and armyboots), but I haven’t got a good picture of nowadays music. I hope maybe some time soon.
Anyway, if you can get hold of this classic here, you have a good ‘first-wave-gabber’ cd.

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