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Riotmiloo – Blackout (2023)

Before “Blackout” there has been another album, also on Ant-Zen: “La Pierre Soudée” in 2015. I did not register that debut.

When I put on “Blackout”, the first track reminded me of Geneviève Pasquier. “Your Eyes” is a somewhat industrial track with female vocals. Also other tracks have hints of Pasquier, not only because of the vocals but also because of the music. Riotmiloo sure is not a Pasquier copycat though.

The artist has an interesting musical career. According to her own Spotify biography, she has a background in riot girl and (digital) punk bands. Cooperation with techno and industrial artists led her to experiment with less punky and more industrial sounds which she releases under the moniker Riotmiloo.

“Blackout” goes from ‘discoish’ industrial, to softer tracks and most tracks are quite alright. The previous album is somewhat more punky reminding me a bit of “NAKED”, an interesting duo that slowly shifted from techno to industrial. In any case, Riotmiloo’s second album is -to me- somewhat more interesting than the debut.

If you are a collector, Ant-Zen made a luxury sleeve for the vinyl version of this album.

Links: Riotmiloo, Ant-Zen


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