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Speedy J * Public Energy no.1 (cd 1997 mute records limited)

Yes I know this cd is old, but here we have a techno-cd that deserves more attention from the industrial scene. This Dutch techno-pioneer went very experimental on this cd and left his danceble sounds much for what they are. This resulted in a kind of music with a lot of resemblances to ‘our’ rhythmical industrial releases. Not the danceble cds I mean here, but “Public Energy” does bring some heavy beats, is fairly rhythmical, has some noisy undertones and strange sounds. A description that may remember you of old style industrial cds, not?
This cd is thought of highly in the techno and even pop scenes and got high rankings in pop and techno magazines. I wonder if that would also have been the case if the artist didn’t bare the name Speedy J, but for example Dive….
All in all a cd that deserves a listen from everyone who enjoys experimental industrial (or techno). <10/7/00><3>

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