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Kadaitcha – Tramontane (2023)

Kadaitcha is a (post) industrial project duo, half of which also has a solo project in more of an angstpop vein called Kojoohar. Kadaitcha has been around since at least 2016.

“Fracture” sounds more industrial than what I have heard of Kadaitcha before.

Thus I earlier wrote about Kadaitcha. The second remark I can repeat. “Tramontane” is a pretty industrial album, a bit of the ‘industrial rock’ type perhaps. Just as on “Fracture” there are the guitars, but not as noisy this time. “Tramontane” also contains some less industrial tracks, such as the somewhat “angstpoppy” “Knife”. Most of the other tracks are quite chaotic, sound-/noisescapes with guitars, beats and vocals.

I think this album may mostly appear to people who like the old style guitar based industrial.

Links: Kadaitcha, Ant-Zen

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