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Squarepusher * Ultravisitor (cd 2003 warp records)

Hm, I don’t keep up with techno well enough it seems. I accidentally ran into this new Squarepusher which is probably from late 2003. Squarepusher was one of the first to make this fucked-up kind of techno with crazy ‘beats’ and weird sounds. I have a few of his cds, but hearing this new one, they tend to keep the same all the time. “Ultravisitor” does contain some brilliant tracks which must have taken a lot of time to make and also the jazzy more tranquil tracks, but it is not like Squarepusher is pushing his own borders in my opinion. But if you like the other cds, you will also like this one. It is pretty long and even seems to contain (some) live-recordings??

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