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Slow Slow Loris – Solve Et Coagula (2023)

In spite the fact that this is not the first release of Slow Slow Loris and that earlier releases are made available by labels that I know, such as Zaetraom and (like the present title) Cloister, the odd band name did not ring a bell.

“Solve Et Coagula” is released today through Bandcamp and on tape. When I put on the album I thought ‘hm, some sort of experimental soundscape type of thing, not entirely my cup of tea’. The vocals reminded me a bit of Alzbeth of The Moon Lay Hidden and on closer listening, the project brings memories of the pre-TMLHBAC project L.A.A.

The music consists of sound experiments which go from soundscapes to more industrial and noise(y) parts. There seems to be guitars and then there are the almost constant vocals of Angela Nina Yeowell. The result is certainly uncommon compared to what I listen to more often, but the more I hear of the album, the more it grows on me. This is actually pretty interesting music. I will have to listen to the previous releases of this project.

You can listen to (and buy) this new album here.

Links: Slow Slow Loris, Cloister Recordings

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