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Ultraviolence * Psycho Drama (cd 1995 earache)

“Psycho Drama” is the ultimate masterpiece in extreme techno. No, it is NOT the most extreme cd that you can get, but Johnny took his style, multiplied it by 10 and added a healthy cup of soap. “Psycho Drama” is a techno cd with a story that is told in three parts. First you will learn about the miserable life of Jessica, abused by her father, picked up by ‘disco boyfriend’ and becoming addicted to drugs, later abused by the boyfriend and fleeing in the arms of a pimp who wants to get rid off her after having exploited Jessica. The second story is that of the hitman who also had a miserable life. The hitman is hired by the pimp to kill Jessica, but the two fall in love, commit suicide and have a discussion with God.
All this is told in music varying from cheesy top40 techno to extremely violent ‘digital hardcore’. Not really fitted for dancefloors, because you need to hear the whole cd, but perfect for in the car or the living room. An absolute must-have if you are interested in extreme techno and I think it was rereleased several times and still available.

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