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v/a * Animatrix (dvd/cd 2003 warner)

I saw this wonderfull collection of ‘anime’ quite some time ago. I noticed it for only E 7,- in a shop and decided to buy it. Arriving home I see that there is not only a DVD, but also a CD in the box! The cd is a very nice collection of techno music, starting tranquilly going towards nice straight-forward techno and ending in a pretty hard drum and bass track. The artists are respectively Peace Orchestra, Freeland, Layo & Bushwackal, Supreme Beings Of Leisure, Meat Beat Manifesto, Photek, Death In Vegas, Junkie XL featuring Saffron, Overseer, Juno Reactor, Junkie XL with Don Davis, Tech Itch with Don Davis. A great DVD ànd a great CD, so keep your eyes open for the double version.!

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