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v/a * Cunt Records 2 (2cd 2001 cunt records)

A cover like this and a label-name like this may make you think this review is in the wrong section. This suggestion grows when you see the horrible website! Anyway, this is no old-fashioned metal compilation, nor punk or anything. The “No More Rock ‘n Roll” compilation (see elsewhere) also showed a liking for the bad taste of old metal artwork, but “Cunt Records 2” is even quite far from the digicore of “No More Rock ‘n Roll”. Under the label name it usually says “terror speedcore industrial doomcore”, showing that this is actually a post-gabber cd. I suppose that this is what they call “terror”. This is supposed to be not only faster than gabber, but also more extreme and that definately goes for this cd!
A nice thing about this kind of music is that it always has the same speed. It is meant to be danceble in contrast to digicore or sometimes even speedcore (how can you dance on 500 bpm?). The first part of cd1 is a “megamix” which is of course the same speed the whole time. I am not sure, but I think it is somewhere near 250 bpm, still faster than most happy hardcore shit, right? It is actually pretty extreme and here and there fairly dark. The biggest challenge with this kind of stuff is, is that the people who make it have to try to use the same speed (otherwise DJs will simply ignore their records because it doesn’t fit in their repertoire) and still have to make something of it. Therefor you hear different sounds for beats, breaks that don’t break the rhythm (you don’t want to have to think when you are dancing on 250 bpm on drugs) and crazy samples. This is done pretty well in my humble opinion.
The second part of cd1 contains “remixes and new tracks”. Cd2 is filled with studio tracks of two projects. The first is Coffeecore, which is indeed hardcore inspired by cafeine and the second is Noisekick who show us how extreme speedcore can really get.
It all looks quite exotic, but this cd is ‘just’ a Dutch cd distributed by the most commercial gabbershop-chain Midtown and there are a few Dutch titles on the back and the national song of Friesland (a Dutch province with their own kind of people) is printed in the booklet.
So, if you are interested to hear some descent “post-gabber”, this double compilation is a good buy!

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