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v/a * Don’t F**k With Us (3cd 2002 digital hardcore recordings)

This is a new compilation on DHR with 35 American bands and 66 tracks in total. Alec Empire came to the conclusion that Berlin is no longer the digital hardcore onderground capital, but the energy moved to America where labels such as D-Thrash release more interesting material than his own DHR. Personally I think the American digicore isn’t much better than the German of nowadays. Also a chaotic mix of samples and rhythms without much rhythm and with screaming vocals. A new ‘trend’ in America seems to be some sort of hysterical metal made on a computer. Here and there is a nice track, but most of the 66 tracks are just average or not even that. There are other digicore compilations from different parts of the world (see elsewhere) that are more interesting. Shamefully DHR is by far not an as interesting label as it was 5 years ago, not even when they release material from aligned scenes.

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